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Indigenous Futures

in Public Art Galleries & Museums


Indigenous Futures in Public Art Galleries & Museums, a public art gallery summit presented by Galeries Ontario / Ontario Galleries, is a three-day event that will explore and discuss Reconcili-Action and Indigenous Futurity in cultural institutions with a focus on policy formations.

Join us on Thursday November 30th to Saturday December 2nd, 2023 with distinguished First Nations, Métis, Inuit and non-Indigenous arts and culture leaders, gallery and museum professionals, policy-makers, academics and knowledge-keepers to participate in dialogue, information-sharing, and collaboration on the pressing matters of non-colonial actions and co-existing sovereignty within the visual arts sector.

Indigenous Futures in Public Art Galleries & Museums is a proactive agent of change for the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 2015 report (TRC). Specifically, the recommendation of #67 of the TRC that contributes to a review of museum policies and best practices to determine the level of compliance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Using recommendation #67 as a launching pad, the summit will support a culture of constructive discourse, strengthening procedures for policy-making and policy-implementations for Non-Colonial Actions and Reconcili-Action throughout the visual arts sector using durable policy-relevant analysis and recommendations.

Opening on Thursday November 30 at The Woodland Cultural Centre, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, in Brantford, Ontario; and continuing on Friday December 1, and Saturday December 2, at Toronto Metropolitan University, Rogers Communication Centre, within The Creative School – The Catalyst. The event promises to be an enriching experience, for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaborative opportunities.

During the Summit we will:

  • Bring together discourse on policy, history, politics, artistic, curatorial and exhibition making practices
  • Create an avenue for discussion of systemic issues
  • Build solidarity and forge a path forward for non-colonial creative actions
  • Enable intergenerational transfer of this history
  • Include under-represented groups
  • Assemble collective leadership towards ​​Reconcili-Action, co-existing Sovereignty and Indigenous Futurity